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rear extension construction in Aldeburgh, suffolk

Norfolk & Suffolk Extensions - Britten Construction

Whether you are extending, renovating, or building an entirely new property, we can advise on projects from planning right through to completion or at any other stage of the project. Our full project management service will take care of all aspects of a project for a client.

Improving existing homes is a key part of our business. There are many options available to expand a property, which include:

  • Rear Extensions - These are a popular home renovation project for those looking to expand their kitchen area. The extension is placed at the back of your property, extending into the existing garden or patio area. This allows space for a large, open plan kitchen, and often includes sliding glass doors for garden access.

  • Side Return Extension - Many period properties have a side access alleyway that typically isn't used much except for bins and bicycles. The extension is typically quite small in terms of width, but it runs the length of the room, which can have a transformative effect on how open it feels. As an added benefit, this type of extension usually does not require planning permission.

  • Wrap Around Extension - This type of extension combines the two above to maximise your property's ground floor space. It can allow for a much larger kitchen or living room, and is perfect for growing families who need the extra living area.

  • Double Storey Extension - If you need to add more than one room to your home, a double storey extension is a cost effective solution as you will be using one roof and the same foundations for both levels. This allows you to extend your kitchen, for instance, while adding another bedroom or office on the floor above. This type of extension typically requires planning permission, however.

  • Dormer Extension - Typically a home's attic is not used for much except storage space. A Dormer extension can convert it into usable living area by removing the pitch of the existing roof and replacing it with a flat roof, so you get a squared off box that is ideal for creating extra bedrooms or a top-floor office.

We aim to make our work in occupied property as stress-free as possible by planning the works around our client’s daily routine.

Once your plans are approved, we will provide a quotation for the complete works, from start to finish. We will ensure the aesthetics of the project match your expectations, working within time-scales and budgets.

To see examples of the new build and extension projects we have worked on, please check out our portfolio.

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